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Html tutorial – HTML is the stand for hypertext markup language.

With html using we can build a webpage.

w3schools HTML is structure of webpages.

HTML is not a programming language.

w3schools html tutorial – HTML used to create web pages.

Html tutorial – HTML consist all element, element have their attribute. Using HTML we can create web pages. Paragraph, tables, section, images, heading and list are used in html for build a webpages. below given structure of the HTML document.

using bootstrap sources you can build responsive html web pages. w3schools html 5 is latest html version running now. it has new element tag nav, footer, sidebar, aside, section, article, header or more.

In html 4 version doctype declaration syntax very long but now in html 5 its short syntax !doctype html.
its declaration of html document.

HTML basic element

  • The is define document HTML5
  • The <html> is root of document of HTML
  • The <head> is contain author name,url, description, and title of document of HTML
  • The <title> is define the title of HTML document
  • The <body> is visible part of HTML document and contain section, paragraph, div etc.
  • The <h1> is define heading of HTML document
  • The <p> is define paragraph of HTML document


<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Car collection</title>
	<h1>This is my car !!!</h1>
	<p>This is my car !!!</p>

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