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html editer – easy learn step by step

html editer, here you can build your web page with notepad, notepad++, subline, dreamviewer. i recommended use the notepad++ and subline. Now a days most of developer using subline for build a web pages.

You can create web pages using notepad, notepad++, subline, dreamviewer and many more.

However, recommended to use simple text editer notepad or notepad++.

Using this editer you can create your web page.

step 1: open html editer notpad(pc)

openstart > programs accessories notpad

if you want use subline, dreamviewer editer, notepad++ html editer, you can use. for building a webpage subline is more useful to you. it give you automatically syntax when you enter the tag.

step 2: writing html

write a code in notepad if you have chooose notepad. notepad++ are better than notepad.

writing html tutorial code in notepad

step 3: save html form html editer

after that completed a code save it file name as index.html

save the html document

step 4:html page in your browser

now, run your html file in your browser.

do right click on file and open it in crome or mozilla browser. you can open it in any browser what ever you choose.

html document view in browser

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